Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Introduction To The Author

Hello readers

I am posting multiple books on this website, in multiple genres.  I currently have a Y/A fantasy on the site and an 18+ romance as well.  I will soon post a Children's book and a sequel to the 18+ romance.

I will post the type of book before each snippet so that there isn't any confusion about what you are reading.

Thank you for coming to my blog and enjoy whichever book you choose to partake.

The Khaos Series - Khaos' Betrayal (synopsis)
            Khaos is the creator of the universe; a domain she constructed of her own never-ending body.  On her surface are tattooed the constellations and starry formations that make up the night sky.  When she made the cosmos, she did so with the intention of passing her beautiful creation down to her progeny.  As time passed, she was more and more unwilling to turn her work and love over into the hands of her children, gods she was sure would not care for it in a reverent and precious manner.
            Khaos decided to keep her universe under her control and traps her children within her subconscious, much to their horror and ire.  They rant and rail against their imprisonment and plot ways to escape and exact their revenge for eons of suffering.  Khaos fights to contain the gods that are attempting to get out and assume their rightful place in the universe.  The battle she is fighting within her body and conscience causes her to lose control of the galaxies that paint her beautiful form.  Her neat and orderly cosmos has gone to ruin because she cannot control both realities.
            But then, after hearing the whisperings of her daughter Gaea, she succumbs to her conscience and decides to release one god at a time and train him or her in the way they should run the realm.  Khaos makes a choice of the first of her successors to emerge and...BAM, all hell breaks loose, literally.
            Some of the gods she has held captive for eons escape and want not only their part of her realm, but her hide as well.  They want vengeance for their imprisonment and retribution for their stolen sovereignty.  Alone and fighting a losing battle, Khaos is captured and tortured by Okeanos, Eurynome, Sporades and Ophioneus.  Khaos finds hope in the immature and naive goddess, Eurynome, but she must first convince Eurynome to trust her and allow her to escape.
            Torn between her allegiances to her fellow gods and the visions of the past and future she has been allowed to see, Eurynome must make a gut-wrenching decision of who to align herself with.  Determined to do what is best for herself and the universe, Eurynome decides to trust her instincts and follow a course that ensures that the universe is a thriving and prosperous realm.

            Complete at over 91,000 words, The Khaos Series - The Betrayal is a young adult fantasy novel based on mythological characters. 

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