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The Khaos Series - Khaos' Betrayal, Chapter 1

The Khaos Series - The Betrayal
Y/A Fantasy 
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Chapter 1

            Khaos gazed at herself and admired what she had beautifully and diligently created with her own never-ending formless body; a body that made up the entire universe and the constellations contained within it.  With a great amount of pride and no small measure of sauciness, she said 'I am Khaos, the primordial force who initiates all life and all beings.  I am the mother to all, the beginning of the beginning.'  On her person there were tattoos of all of the constellations, planets, and stars ever to be created; Orion, Pegasus, Cassiopeia and more that she was able see in her visions. 
            Suddenly there was an earsplitting crash and a gut-wrenching boom, and within her vast  body Khaos felt a tearing and a ripping that she had never felt before.  Flinching she could only scream out loud, 'AHHH!!!'  She had never felt anything so horrific in her billions of  lifetimes.  To one on the outside looking in, she resembled a blackened mirror painted with the stars that had just been hit by hammer, but not shattered; her surface was cracked.  There were fissures snaking across her beautiful body, and those cracks and fissures were leaking light.  Khaos felt as if her lifeblood was pouring out of her.  'Ahhhh!!!' She wailed again in agony, her ethereal voice sounding foreign to her untested ears.  
            Out of the cracks she saw and felt hands clawing scraping at her from within.  Then those hands that ripped so mercilessly at her emerged followed by a pair of gargantuan feet.  'What is this that attacks me with such vigor?' she cried out. 
            Racked with pain and dazed with confusion, Khaos had no idea what was happening to her body; her well ordered universe.  But she did know that she had to regain control of herself and that now shaken universe, immediately.  She could see the catastrophic results the marauding hands and protruding feet had caused already, her well organized galactic tattoos were in complete disarray.  Then in a flash she knew what was happening, she knew why the hands and feet appeared, and with that revelation she heard voices, soft spoken voices, barely a whisper on the breeze, but distinctly there.
            'Free us, free us, free us,' they chanted in unison.  'Free us now!!' they roared. 
            'No, never..' she screamed.  'If my horribly damaged and disfigured body is any example of your control, then you will forever be locked away.  You will never be allowed to destroy what I have created.'  Khaos spoke to her descendants with no love or remorse.  She knew who the invaders were, the ones trying to escape her being were her children, but they would never see the universe from anywhere other than behind the looking glass of her voluminous body.        
            Khaos girded herself and took control of the cosmos once again.  The appendages that had appeared receded and disappeared back from whence they came, back into the darkness that was her body.  The horrendous pain was still there, but Khaos willed herself to ignore it, endure the torment and regain control of her realm.  As the planets glided back to their resting places, Khaos grunted and groaned.  'I will have order.  I will have peace.  I will have serenity.'  Speaking the words as if speaking them would make them come true, Khaos continued to repair her damaged casing.
            'I will not relent,' she grunted out.  'I will maintain my watch and keep you trapped.  You will not escape and ruin my beautiful creation.  Ever.'
            The god beings inside of Khaos heard her words and railed in anger and frustration.  'We were almost free, that shrew has no right to keep us trapped here,' Anubis said in a voice filled with gravel and fury. 
            'Well, you should not have broken through.  You should have and done as I have been telling you for a million millennia, then we would be well on our way to freedom, ' Hel said, her tone filled with irritation.  'But did you listen?  No!' she answered her own question.  'Do you ever listen?  No.  And where has that left us, trapped for eternity.  I was working my way into her psyche.  I would have been the voice of her conscience and secured our release, without her even knowing she was being manipulated.  Now I am blocked from her mind altogether.  It is as if she now has guards standing in readiness for my assault.  I can't get into her subconscious.  I am prohibited from entering thanks to you and your blundering ways.  You stupid moronic goon.' Speaking in multiple languages to get her point across, Hel insulted Anubis again, 'Malcriado, grossier, laut, vlákas,' she said, her voice elevating with each insulting word.  (Spoiled, rude, loud, oaf.)  'I had everything well in hand, and you ...'
            'Stop,' raising a hand Gaea spoke calmly, interrupting Hel's tirade.  Stunned, Hel turned to face the intruder.  Opening her mouth to rail on her new opponent, she was stopped in her tracks, her voice trapped deep in her throat as Gaea spoke with resolute strength in her tone. 
            'While you two stand and argue with each other, each blaming the other for our entrapment, no one is devising a plan for escape.  Do you not realize that, since Anubis was able to momentarily liberate himself from out tomb that there is a chance that we will indeed be able to secure our escape?
            So busy are you two with trivialities and bickering that you do not see what is right in front of you.  Free your minds of anger and resentment and you will be able to clearly see the solution to our dilemma.  Our escape is inevitable, we only need to work as one and our success will not be denied.'
            A crowd of gods circled the three god beings as they debated ways to enact their escape.  Some proposed the delicious venture of exacting their revenge while others plotted their own takeover schemes.  Ever the diplomat, Gaea mediated as the god beings ranted and raved, demanding vengeance for their incarceration.  Off in the distance, away from the crowd, Okeanos listened with interest. 
            'What better way to take over the realm of the Great One, than by borrowing the ideas of my brothers and sisters,' he whispered to himself.  'Fools charge in with no thoughts of a strategy or to the future and no plans for a proper sovereignty.'  As Okeanos continued to talk quietly to himself, another god watched the proceedings with interest. 
            Far away from everybody, Ragnarök watched all the goings on with his complete attention.  While the other gods were still weak and without powers, he was gaining strength and energy from their discord.  Unbeknownst to the others, he was going to be the most powerful one of them all.  He was drinking in their disharmony like a fine wine, sipping and savoring each drop that passed across his lips.  'Yes, children.  Continue your quarreling, the cacophony feeds my hunger and quenches my thirst,' Ragnarök said in a gruff voice that sounded like he swallowed broken glass.  'Keep it up and I will show you what destruction and mayhem really is.'

            During the time the gods were conspiring against Khaos, she was engrossed with her own operation.  She had to concentrate all of her energy so that the gods inside of her could not escape again.   

The Khaos Series - Khaos' Betrayal, Chapter 2 & 3

Chapter 2

           The cosmos shook and Khaos’ body rumbled.  She could no longer contain the children that were within her.  For eons she had been able to control the entities, to contain them within the confines of her infinite being, the result being the chaos that was all around her.  If she could not contain them, if she lost this battle she would lose control of the cosmos, and that was something she was not willing to do.  Never would she allow anyone, not even her progeny, to gain control of what was hers.  But they were gaining strength and power from her, draining her of all her energies.
            Khaos knew that if she relinquished her realm to her offspring she would fade into the nether regions of some far-off, distant universe, never to be seen or heard from again.  That was the way it was; that was the way it had to be.  She could not be if they were about, so they had to remain inside; closed off from all that she had done, even if it meant the destruction of all that she had created thus far.  If she was able to rein them in, to control them and regain all her strength, she would be able to recreate everything that had gone to ruins.
            At times Khaos could hear them, her children, the gods she held captive.  She could hear their pleas and she could hear their rants.  A few were soft spoken and compelling in their arguments for release, but most were just downright angry at being held for so long in a place they knew they should not be.  There was a female deity who spoke in dulcet tones about the future.  Because she did not let her anger cloud her judgment, she could see things that the others could not.  She knew the right words to say and the correct tone to use to sway Khaos, and at times almost convinced her to release them all.  But even though she would waiver, Khaos never complied.  Then there were times when the voices of other gods would drown out that of the female.  One in particular, a male, was very vocal in his displeasure at being kept in his current position, and would attempt regularly to escape, but it was to no avail; because even in her ever weakening state, Khaos was still strong enough to contain all of the gods that she had created up to this point. 
            Khaos thought of all that she had created and the wreckage she was faced with because of her refusal to relent in her desire to run the universe.  She could see the destruction, proverbially laying at her feet, that her inner turmoil had produced.  Everywhere she looked was in a state of devastation, in the process of completely being destroyed, and the thought of all that she had created being decimated was a worse pain, at times, than the pain of holding and controlling the deities within her being.  That realization hit Khaos in the face like a bucket of ice cold water; it opened her eyes like nothing else could have.  It snapped her out of the stupor she had been in for so many eons and made her realize that she would have to surrender to her fears, trust in what she had created, and release both the universe and the gods in order for her creations to live on, in order for the universe to continue to be.
            That realization ultimately helped her to decide that it would be better to release the beings within her, one at a time, to ease both the burden of holding the gods at bay and controlling the cosmos, even though its current state was in disrepair.  To do so in this fashion, releasing the deities one at a time, would allow her to gradually release her hold over the universe instead of losing her kingdom all at once.  That thought comforted her, it was like a salve to her ever increasingly bruised ego.  It was destiny that she would not reign in her current capacity and in her current state; that as the change in gods occurred, so would her position and power change.  Her new destiny awaited and she was beginning to grasp the full affect of what that meant.
             Khaos realized that in her present state, spread out as the cosmos, she would not be able to release any of the gods from her being, so she composed herself and from the stars and planets and the darkness of her surroundings, she made a body for herself.  The universe rolled as Khaos took form.  The planets that were present moved at Khaos' will; where once there was darkness, there was now light, and where once there was nothing, there stood Khaos... 
            Her new body was only a head and torso.  She didn’t feel the need to form any other parts, as she had never before used or needed them.  It was not a pretty body, and it was not very mobile, but it was functional and it was grand enough to release gods of the magnitude she knew them to be, so it would serve its purpose.         
            With a heavy sigh and an even heavier heart, Khaos began the process of releasing the first god.  For a brief moment she contemplated releasing the soft-spoken female god, but decided against it.  Her words and arguments were so convincing that Khaos felt that they could lead to manipulation and then ultimately a revolt.  She chose, instead, a god who barely spoke inside her.  He was but a whisper among the cacophony she heard on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. 
            She chose Okeanos, the one who was to rule over the waters.  While some of the gods inside her expressed themselves and their dissatisfaction with their present station in a very vocal and often bitterly harsh manner, Okeanos was different.  He was calm and very contemplative.  And when he spoke, his voice was that of pure serenity; calm and peaceful, flowing through her like the ebb and flow of the rising tide.  He seemed, from outward appearances, to be one of the more level headed and reasonable gods she had created.  He had neither tried to escape nor had he tried to manipulate; he was neutral, and that was what Khaos needed; neutrality.  She felt that if he were released first, maybe she could persuade him into being her compatriot and they could rule side by side; she could teach him all that she knew and show him all that she could do.  If she could get one god to see her vision and agree to continue to build and run the universe as she saw fit, then maybe her next phase of existence would be neither as interminable nor as bleak as she first believed.      
            Though the beings within Khaos could hear her thoughts, when she allowed it, she spoke out loud; not to anyone in particular, but as a way of expelling her trepidation about the release of part of herself and the relinquishing of part of her realm.  She released another heavy sigh and spoke. 
            ‘Is what I am about to do right?  Is it what is best, passing the control of all that I have created to these novice gods?  They know not the toils that I have endured to bring about what is to be.  I know what is in the prophesy; I know what the future holds.’ 
            A few of the gods who heard her speaking took note of what she was saying and one in particular snorted in derision.  If she knew what lay ahead, he thought, then why was she so adamant about not releasing what she knew truly was not hers?  Greed, he thought.  Greed and selfishness is what had been preventing him from taking his rightful place in the heavens.  Well, just as soon as he was able he would get his revenge for his unwelcomed imprisonment.  Retribution would be his.  The fierce god bristled in anger and anticipation.   
            Khaos, completely unaware of what was going on inside of her, sighed again and continued with the arduous task of releasing Okeanos.  It was not an easy feat, releasing a god of his strength, power and size from where he lay, all the while still containing the other gods so as to prevent any unwanted escapes.  Khaos felt a pain, but was unsure if it was from the release of Okeanos or from her own fears surfacing. 
            The process was near completion when Okeanos burst forth from the vast nothingness that was Khaos, into the vast endlessness of the cosmos.  He flew out into the universe like an avenging angel, all water and light but with no real form or definition to his body.  He stretched himself out as far as he could and took his first breath of air, the breath of LIFE.  He was filled with joy and anger all at the same time, and the reason for those emotions lay behind him; the force of his escape being enough to knock Khaos back.  She lay sprawled out, momentarily, in a supine position, unmoving. 
            Khaos was shaken.  She had not expected Okeanos to erupt from her the way he did, with such violence and aggression, and she was in a tremendous amount of pain from Okeanos’ release.  It was not supposed to be like this; it was not supposed to feel like this.  Khaos tried to gather herself so as not to inadvertently release any other gods.  But it was for naught.  With Okeanos’ escape in such a violent manner, Khaos was unable to restrain all of the other deities quickly enough, and, unbeknownst to her, two others decided to take advantage of the situation and make their escape.  They had lain quietly in wait for such an opportunity and refused to let it pass.  Khaos was dazed and weakened, and they intended to take full advantage of it.  Ophioneus, a huge god who had the upper body of a man and the lower body of a snake, and Sporades, the god of the North Wind, who was in a constant state of motion like the wind itself, saw a chance to escape and capitalized on Khaos’ stunned condition.  Quickly they sprang forth and flew away from Khaos so as not to be detected and recaptured.  Neither Khaos nor Okeanos were aware that they had escaped. 
            On their faces were smiles of pure delight.  ‘You shall no longer hold me,’ Sporades spit out angrily as he flew off into the distance.  ‘I intend to have full repayment for all that you put me through.  Your hide on a spit roasting like the fatted calf you are will be a good start.’
            ‘Damn you Khaos,' hissed Ophioneus, scurrying behind Sporades ‘I shall have vengeance for all of the time I was held captive,’ and he slithered off into the ether as well.  Both gods turned back to look at Khaos and Okeanos, and with one last vengeful taunt, ‘We shall seek justice for all that we have been through.’ they fled into the darkness. 
            Okeanos, still in the same spot where he landed, turned around to face his imprisoner.  ‘Mother Khaos,’ he whispered moving his liquid mass slightly towards Khaos.  Khaos, still in an unbelievable amount of pain, barely heard Okeanos, and surely did not acknowledge him.  Lost in her own thoughts and revelations, Khaos was not aware that Okeanos was anywhere about, let alone moving slowly towards her.   
            Would they all feel that way, she thought to herself.  Would they all tear at her as if a limb were being ripped from her newly formed body?  Then she had the brief thought that maybe she should have followed her first instinct and released the soft-spoken female deity first.  Surely she could not and would not have caused the agony Okeanos inflicted. 
            ‘Mother Khaos,’ Okeanos said a little louder with a snarl curling his thin upper lip as he became a bit perturbed at not being acknowledged.  And still Khaos did not acknowledge his words or presence. 
            She still lay in her prone position, mulling over what other god she could have released.  One who would not have inflicted as much pain and anguish to her body as Okeanos did.  Who could she have possibly let come out who would not have caused the agony that she was feeling now, but who also would be an ally with her and who would have joined her in her visions for the future?  Although, at this point, Khaos thought, anyone would have been a better choice than Okeanos.  And still she lay, completely oblivious to who and what was going on around her.
            To Okeanos, Khaos' continued introspection and lack of response to his calls was beyond insubordinate.  He was the great Okeanos, the one who was destined to rule the great water.  To be ignored by the likes of a mere soon-to-be former great being was intolerable.
            ‘MOTHER KHAOS,’ Okeanos said with derision dripping from each syllable, raising his voice not to a yell, but enough to make Khaos jump with the realization that there was someone else there in close proximity to her.  Khaos had been lost in her thoughts, and not even aware that there was anyone else about; she had lain where she fell, eyes closed and body  in pain. 
            'Rise, you heartless harridan,' Okeanos spoke viciously to Khaos, moving his liquid form back and forth in front of her inert body, pacing like an impatient suitor awaiting his lover.  'For eons I have laid in wait for the moment when I could address you, and you do not have the respect to rise and answer me.  Nay, you lay there as if it is the time to recline and rest yourself because you just performed some great feat.'  Okeanos spit his words out and they hit Khaos like knives, each one connecting and piercing her bruised heart and battered body.
            Khaos, still in her prone position, realized that she was vulnerable to attack from Okeanos and quickly mustered whatever strength she had left to defend herself from any further onslaught.  She opened her eyes, and darting about,  braced herself for battle, either one of words or one of actions.  She was still the great Khaos, after all.  She would bow to no one and never fall.
            Even reeling from pain she was ready to stand against him, Okeanos was impressed with Khaos’ ability to muster herself and appear ready to do battle, but not overly so.  Khaos was, after all, a part of the past and he was the future.  Okeanos floated around Khaos, in an ethereal manner, and spoke in a tone riddled with hatred.  ‘Mother Khaos, why do you pose yourself like that?  As if you could ever best me in battle.  You need not bother, for you could never defeat me.  I am Okeanos, ruler of the waters.  The waters that create life, support life, and take life away.’  Okeanos' voice rose decibel by decibel during his diatribe towards Khaos.
            Khaos, eying every move he made, felt disgust flow throughout her entire being.  The whole cosmos rumbled as anger surged through her.  How dare this young god speak to her in such a manner!  She was Khaos.  She was the first, the beginning.  She could see what was destined for all of the gods to follow.  This young god knew not what was in store for him, and she smiled a smile of pity and disdain for she would not be the one to tell the tale of Okeanos’ defeat and subsequent demise. 
            As anger filled her entire body, the deities that remained inside of her felt it, it was a white hot rage that passed over them like molten lava.  The planets she had used to make up her body crashed and exploded with the fury she felt.  Khaos directed her steely gaze at Okeanos and spoke to him for the first time.  ‘You, little one, need to remember to whom you are speaking.’ she said with contempt dripping from every syllable.   
            Okeanos, seethed with anger at the insult, because although Khaos far outsized him, he was still large in size and demeanor.  He was by no means little and for her to  hurl such an insult was infuriating.  For eons she had held him trapped and now, once he was out of her control, she dared to slight him.  Oh she would pay for those words, Okeanos thought angrily.   
            ‘And you, OLD ONE, need to remember that your time has passed, and mine is just beginning,' Okeanos snarled.  'When you have ceased to exist and are not even a blur of a memory, I will live on.   I will rule in your place until the cosmos is no more.  I will be, when all that you have created ceases to be.  I am immortal…I am perpetual…I WILL BE HERE FOR ETERNITY!!!’  Okeanos' waters were moving furiously about, flying off into the ether, completely out of his control.    
            Arrogant fool was all that Khaos could think, because for all of his bluster and posturing, Okeanos was not eternal, and he would not be here forever.  His time was limited as was his rule over the gods.  She had foreseen it and so it would be.  Khaos spoke, watching as Okeanos circled her, leaving droplets of water as he passed. 
            ‘You are but a mere blink in time; a brief respite.  You are arrogant.  You are a fool.  And you have no respect for the one who created you.’  Khaos noticed the droplets of water grew and had fluidity in movement.  It was as if they were dancing; around her.  ‘I made you, Okeanos, what you have comes from me.  What you can do is but a small fraction of what I can do.  Any powers you possess are of me and therefore are dwarfed by the powers that I possess.  I am KHAOS.’ 
            As if to confirm her statement as fact, Khaos twitched her head and the waters that Okeanos had inadvertently released raced to her, like chicks to a mother hen.  They circled her and lay at rest in front of her.  And as Khaos spoke the entire universe moved.  It changed shape and what was, no longer was.  ‘Do you see MY powers? Do you see that when I chose I can create or destroy?  I am what you desire to be.  I am the universe.  I am forever.  I am all that you see.  It is of me, made by me, and if it is my will… it will no longer be.’  With those words Khaos looked at the waters that had gathered at her feet, and with nothing but a look the waters that she had commanded come to her exploded into nothingness.  Okeanos stared in stunned amazement. 
            Khaos sneered her next words, ‘You have not that kind of power.  And you never will.  You are water.  Your power is limited to that of droplets; of nothing.’   Khaos then began to compose herself, and the entire universe, into a form in which to do battle.  One better suited to engage Okeanos, should he want to continue in this current hostile fashion.  She was no longer looking at her compatriot; she was starting at her combatant.  And her body, once just a utilitarian head and torso was now a definite mass. 

Chapter 3

            Okeanos watched in amazement as Khaos reshaped the entire cosmos, bending it to her will so that she could shape her being into what appeared to be a form more appropriate to engage in a physical altercation, just in case their battle of words changed to one of actions.  He became conscious of the fact that, if he were to have any chance of besting Khaos in battle, he too would have to take a form better suited to that battle, as well.  With fluid movements and lightening fast quickness, Okeanos gathered his flowing waters and shaped himself into an impressive looking man.  He was smooth like water and thick and muscular; he was a sight to behold. 
            As Okeanos continued to shape and mold himself, the universe changed shape as well.  During the time that Khaos kept the deities imprisoned, the universe had spun out of control.  Stars collided and black holes formed where before there had been thriving planets.  During the imprisonment Khaos allowed, by lack of control of the planets and stars, chaos to reign.  With the possibility of a battle looming, Khaos again regained control.  By sheer strength of will, she quelled the remaining inner deities and shaped the stars and planets to her will.  Before, Khaos was everywhere, she was infinite.  Now, she was more finite, more confined, and more in control, as was the universe.  Beyond the form that Khaos chose to take, one that had a definite head, with which to think and strategize, arms, with which to wield blows, a body, which would give strength and stability, and legs, ones that were powerful and would allow her to move agilely about, there was an unending darkness.  There was nothing, just a great void.  Khaos truly was the cosmos. 
            Okeanos was taken aback at what he saw.  The speed that Khaos was able to form her new body was awe inspiring, but Okeanos was still determined to usurp her and become the ruler of all there was to command.  Because of the sheer size and girth of the body that Khaos formed Okeanos was hesitant to feel any confidence regarding her demise, but confident or not, his task was one that had to be accomplished.  Khaos was gargantuan and when she formed herself, she took all of the stars and planets that were visible and incorporated them in her new body.  Okeanos was puzzled at how he would accomplish the feat of defeating her.
            He quickly devised and discarded a multitude of  ways to immobilize Khaos, and came to the conclusion that he might not be able to kill her as he had plotted for eons.  Okeanos, seeing that Khaos' massive body was in actuality the universe itself, also realized that in order to rule the universe, there was the real possibility that he might have to trap Khaos and imprison her; just as she had done to him and was continuing to do to the others.  So even if it meant capturing Khaos instead of exterminating her, although the former would be imminently less satisfying than the latter, Okeanos would do what was necessary to secure the universe as his domain.  That thought brought him great pleasure.  He had quick visions of the tortures that he would visit upon Khaos' form, whatever shape that took. 
            His body trembled in anticipation of what lay ahead, for he knew that a great battle was to ensue and at the end, he would stand alone; victorious.  Okeanos continued to travel around Khaos’ new form, leaving behind more and more water, and as he did so a plan formulated in his mind.
            When he had first emerged from Khaos' being, Okeanos did not have any control over his fluid form.  At one point, he had lost his waters uncontrollably and Khaos was able to then control and destroy those waters.  He knew that he had to discipline himself and his powers so that never again would anyone be able to control what was his, and no one would ever be able to control him.  As Khaos continued to form herself into what seemed a formidable foe, Okeanos began exercising great restraint over his powers, all the while continuing to form his own body in order to engage in combat.
            His waters were fluid so he should be able to form them in such a way so that they could bind, entrap, imprison, he thought.  He just had to figure out a way to complete this plan without Khaos guessing what he was doing, for if she did she would surely thwart it, thereby giving rise to the possibility of defeating him.  As Okeanos planned and moved, Khaos made plans of her own.
            Khaos was determined to do her utmost to maintain what she believed to be hers to rule, the birth of Okeanos reaffirmed that.  The gods she held within her newly formed body were not ready to rule, not if Okeanos was any indication of what was to come.  These junior gods had much to learn before they would be ready to rule what she had created, Khaos thought as she peered down at her body.  The looming battle with Okeanos was proof that they, her progeny, needed teaching and guidance before she could release them.  And this she vowed to do, once she taught Okeanos a lesson for his treachery.   
            With those thoughts Khaos tried to think of a fitting punishment for Okeanos; his insolence could not go unpunished, after all.  She envisioned imprisoning him, not in herself again, but in a much darker place; one where blights could be visited upon his person regularly for his insolence.  As she envisioned boils and lesions on his newly formed body, she noticed him circling her, preparing himself for their impending battle.  She pitied him; he couldn’t even hold his form.  He was leaving portions of his powers, portions of himself all around. 
            He is weak and pathetic, Khaos thought, his waters, his powers lay scattered about, dripping from his form as he moved.  How does this young, newly formed god expect to control anything, when he can’t even control his own body, she pondered as she tested her new body, readying for battle.  This new shape, this body, was going to take some getting used to.  She had never before felt the need to confine herself into any definitive form, so actually having a form, having shape, was something new to Khaos.  She would have to adjust quickly to her new body if she were to have any chance of defeating Okeanos.  Like her, he was new to his shape, and like her he also had the ability to learn and adjust to his surroundings quickly and with ease. 
            But look at him, she thought, as Okeanos let more of his waters flow from his body to surround her.  He will be easily defeated, she thought, and began preparing to teach this rogue god a lesson; one of pain and suffering.  Khaos rolled her shoulders and thought of weapons she would use to discipline Okeanos for his treacherous actions.  As she thought of the weapons of Okeanos’ demise, those weapons appeared in her hands, a part of her, an extension of her body; and just as quickly as the weapons appeared, they disappeared with the thought of each subsequent weapon.
            As each new weapon appeared, Khaos thought of the damage she could do to Okeanos.  She thought of the pain she could and would inflict upon Okeanos for his insolence, and smiled a smile of pleasure and pure malicious delight.  Oh this was going to be a grand fight indeed, Khaos thought as she prepared to dispatch this god back to the nether regions from whence he came.  Khaos stretched out her long lean body and prepared to do battle; in each hand was an exquisite sword, designed in her mind and crafted from her body.  Khaos flexed her muscles and swung her blades in the air; testing her agility and displaying her abilities with her new devices of doom.   
            As Okeanos circled her, Khaos watched him and followed his movements.  Floating in the ether with such grace and fluidity, she was an awe inspiring sight for Okeanos to see.  He was impressed at the quickness with which she mastered her new form, but he was still bound and determined to best her in battle.  Okeanos knew that he had to strike first in order to gain the upper hand against Khaos.  She might be newly formed, but she would be a formidable opponent.  Okeanos spilled more and more of his waters around her, surrounding Khaos in an effort to ensnare her.  She was blissfully unaware of the trap that Okeanos was setting for her.  Oh, this was going to be a magnificent battle indeed, he thought to himself, mirroring her earlier thoughts.  She is completely oblivious of what is about to happen to her, Okeanos contemplated; she, who for eons had trapped him within herself, would now be the one who was trapped.  She would be the one who was imprisoned, able to see and hear but unable to do or act.  Okeanos relished that thought as he continued to circle her, ensnaring her in a web of his own design, one for which there would be no escape.
            Khaos continued to follow Okeanos’ movements, and in anticipation of the impending fight she began striking her blades against each other, causing sparks of light and fire to erupt whenever they touched.  She was ready, prepared to clash with Okeanos, determined to defeat him.  She couldn’t believe that this upstart would dare challenge her.  She was the ruler of all, he was the keeper of water, and that he did not do well, for it escaped him with each movement, more and more water fell from him into the surrounding now vacant heavens.  This poor fool was about to be taught a lesson that was going to be worth teaching.
            Khaos’ disdain for Okeanos and his perceived weakness did not prepare her for what happened next.  All of a sudden Okeanos flexed his shoulders and straightened his fingers; stiffening them.  With that action, the waters that had so freely flowed from him stopped; they stopped dripping from his body, they stopped moving all together.  Everything was still, silent, frozen.  Khaos stiffened her body and silenced her blades, ready for action, ready to defend.
            The waters that Okeanos had released were still, like glass; they shimmered and glistened, but were unmoving, and he hovered on the outskirts of those waters, just out of the reach of Khaos’ newly formed arms.  As Okeanos hovered and plotted, Khaos grew more and more trepidatious.  She nearly trembled with anticipation and a bit of fear, for this was something she had never had to contend with before, a fight with another god for supremacy.  She had always been the one in control, the one in charge of all that was within her mind to conceive.  This upcoming fight was completely new to her and quite disconcerting, but she was prepared to fight to the death, if necessary, in order to ensure that all that was remained as it was.  She watched as Okeanos glided on the ether, just outside of her reach.  She knew that Okeanos would not give up without a glorious fight, and that was something she was more than willing to provide, but it would not be an easy task.  He would be a difficult opponent and quite frankly a worthy foe. 
            Khaos eyed the waters around her and tried to dissipate them into nothingness like she had done earlier.  This time they did not do her bidding and she realized that she had greatly underestimated Okeanos.  His grasp of his powers and his ability to control his waters both impressed and frightened her, but regardless of any emotions she felt, Khaos was ready to prevail. 
            Just as that thought entered her head, Okeanos twitched his head and the waters rose, like a glass case, surrounding Khaos.  She was momentarily caught off guard, but recovered quickly and let her blades fly.  She spun 360 degrees, wielding those blades with an expertise that belied her inexperience with them, and released herself from the prison that encircled her shattering the surrounding waters into minuscule pieces, like a million shards of finely cut glass. 
            Ophioneus and Sporades watched the battle intently, ready to intercede on Okeanos’ behalf, if necessary, in order to ensure that Khaos was defeated.  During the entire exchange between Khaos and Okeanos, they had observed the goings on and listened to Khaos and Okeanos' heated exchanges.  They knew that if either god realized that they were about they would surely be recaptured and imprisoned again, and this was unacceptable to them.  They had escaped Khaos undetected and neither was willing to go back.   
            It was an intense fight, with both parties landing cosmos rattling blows.  Okeanos fought with skill and great intensity, striking Khaos time and again, but each time he hit her she would quickly recover and return that hit with one or two of her own. 
            Okeanos wielded his blade masterfully and  was able to withstand the barrage of Khaos' fury.  Khaos withdrew, in order to strike him once again, and Okeanos, seeing a chance, sliced into Khaos' thigh.  His sword, moving easily through her body like the wind through a field of trees, cut a deep gash into Khaos allowing light to break free from her body and shine out into the universe, like a lighthouse beacon glowing, beckoning,  warning all those who can see of the dangers that lie below the surface.
            Khaos fell to one knee, unable to stand on her injured leg.  She was stunned, momentarily.  She could not believe that the puny godling actually bested her and was able to hurt her, because where she saw her light leaving her torn body she felt an unbearable burning pain.  Rising to stand fully in front of her opponent, Khaos took a step back and for a moment thought about how she came to be in this predicament.  She was bewildered that she was having to battle for her own realm, her estate.  But she would not stop defending what,  in her eyes, was hers to protect and defend. 
            In the far off distance Sporades and Ophioneus continued to watch and study what  was transpiring between the two gods, unseen and unheard.  They spoke to each other with hushed voices, so as not to be discovered by the battling gods.  Ophioneus was the first to speak, ‘I will not go back,’ he hissed, his long snake tongue darting out with each syllable.  ‘I will not be confined or detained any longer.’ 
            Sporades looked in Ophioneus’ direction and nodded his head in agreement, his long flowing locks moving with each head bob, ‘I agree, friend,’ he spoke in a deep voice. 
            Ophioneus whipped his head around and spoke angrily at Sporades.   ‘Hush imbecile, keep your voice down so they do not hear us,’ he snapped.   
            Sporades’ face turned from congenial to fury.  He angrily eyed Ophioneus, ‘Do not speak to me in such a manner snake,’ he snarled.  ‘I can no more control the timber of my voice, than you can control the hiss in yours, but continue to speak to me in that manner and I will rip out your disrespectful tongue and cut you down to size.’ And with those words Sporades made a scythe appear in his hands. 
            ‘I will rend you from tip to tail if you dare address me in that tone again.’ Sporades said menacingly.   
            The ease that the weapon materialized made Ophioneus back up and take notice.  Sporades had always been reserved inside Khaos.  While the other gods ranted, he remained quiet.  That he was quick to rile was something that Ophioneus took note of.  He drifted ever so slightly away from Sporades; slowly so as not to cause him alarm, but he wanted to put some distance between the two of them.  His anger was not something that was expected and Ophioneus was not prepared to defend himself, should the need arise. He drifted farther away from Sporades; the more distance between this hot headed god and himself the better.  Ophioneus thought to himself, I‘m going to have to watch this one; he might cause problems with my future bid for supremacy. 
            When Ophioneus felt that he was a safe distance away he spoke again to Sporades, who by this time had stopped glaring at him and had one again focused his attention on Khaos and Okeanos.  ‘What shall we do, friend,’ using Sporades’ own words to sooth him ‘to further our course?  Shall we stand by and ally ourselves with the victor, should we intervene on Okeanos’ behalf and gain his trust and allegiance or would the best course of action be to join with Khaos against Okeanos and beg her forgiveness for our transgressions and escape and hope that she shows us mercy and allows us to remain free?’ 
            Sporades turned to fully look at Ophioneus, he scrutinized him from head to tail.  He didn’t trust the snake; he didn’t like the snake, but for the sake of his future and the domain he wanted to rule, he would have to deal with the snake; if only for the present time.  If not for the fact that he needed Ophioneus’ assistance in overthrowing Khaos, Sporades would dispatch him right where he was, and leave nothing in the cosmos but a blur where Ophioneus last dwelled.  He quelled his thoughts and prepared himself to feign friendliness and in the most pleasant voice he could muster, Sporades spoke, adjusting the volume of his voice in an effort to be more accommodating to Ophioneus’ earlier complaint.  ‘Lying idle would do us no good,’ he said.  ‘We were that way for centuries and it did not progress us past the confines of Khaos’ never ending body.’  He took a deep breath and looked from side to side, peering into the vastness of the universe.  Never before had he been able to view the cosmos in such a manner.  He was not willing to give up his freedom for anyone or anything and he didn’t want to risk that freedom by waiting for the outcome of the impending battle between Okeanos and Khaos.  To ensure his future, he knew he had to act in the present.
            He focused once more on Ophioneus, the man-snake would be a problem for him in the future, but now, his presence was needed to help Sporades succeed with the plan that was formulating in his mind.  If they, both Sporades and Ophioneus, joined forces and helped Okeanos overthrow Khaos, then undoubtedly they would be assured a place in the new order.
            Sporades spoke again, ‘Neither Okeanos nor Khaos knows of our presence outside of the body of Khaos.  To let our presence be known now would not be in our best interest,’ he paused for a moment and took a deep breath.  The thought of working with this man-snake was inconceivable, but the alliance was needed to cement his future power.  Sporades shook off his distaste of Ophioneus and resumed spelling out his plan.  ‘We will wait,’ he said quietly but firmly, ‘we will bide our time and help Okeanos.  He cannot confine us the way that Khaos can and did.  He doesn’t have that much power.  We will wait.’
            Ophioneus’ body shook with anger and distaste.  How dare this pseudo-god tell him how to proceed.  He had asked how to proceed to mollify Sporades, he had not expected him to actually spell out a plan and expect compliance.  He would wait, alright. He would wait and when the time was right Khaos would not be the only one that was disposed of, swiftly.  Calmly, and without the emotions that were flowing through his snake like body coming out in his voice, Ophioneus said ‘Yes, Sporades that sounds like the best course of action to take.’
            The two gods eyed each other suspiciously, but neither spoke any other words.  Both gods came to the realization that they too might be engaged in such a battle, and knew they needed to pay close attention to their predecessors, in order to gain knowledge and skills.  To be victorious above all others they would need all the skills they could obtain.  So, turning back to the two gods they were speaking of, Sporades and Ophioneus sat in wait, watching Khaos and Okeanos squaring off to engage in their battle again, worthy combatants each, but only one would emerge victorious.  Both Sporades and Ophioneus were already amazed and impressed with what they had seen thus far and awaited the upcoming fray with nervous anticipation.   
            Khaos' ability to devise weapons that inflicted astronomical pain and destruction was alarming.  And Okeanos' ability to gain control of his waters, after Khaos had already shown that she could not only control her powers, but his too, was outstanding.  Even knowing that, he courageously moved forward into battle, knowing that she could possibly still have control over his powers; that was impressive.  The anticipation Sporades and Ophioneus felt was almost palpable, and they could not wait to learn from the upcoming fight.  They looked off into the distance as Khaos and Okeanos stood facing each other.
            Even though Khaos was stunned that Okeanos would attack her so quickly, it was not an unexpected event.  This was what she had been preparing herself for since he emerged so violently a short time ago.  What was even more stunning to her was the fact that she was able to defend herself so well with tools that had been untested and unused to this point.  Khaos, growing more confident with the knowledge that this mêlée was not yet decided, smiled a confident smile and threw her swords behind and out into the cosmos.  Okeanos was shocked that she would do such a thing, and became suspicious.  He backed away just a bit as he prepared to strike again and awaited her response to his first blow.  In the distance those discarded swords floated, as if awaiting orders from their master.  Khaos blinked once and tilted her head, ever so slightly, and the waiting swords disintegrated into a mist and disappeared.  Okeanos realized that with just a thought Khaos could materialize and dematerialize items, whatever she wished, at will.  He was more than a little intimidated, but was not willing to bend anymore to her will and would never be captured and confined again. 
            He grew so angry at the thought of all of the eons he spent caged within her that the waters that were still in shards off in the distance began to shake and rumble.  With not a word, Okeanos called the waters to him and then those waters that were once so fluid rose and became stiff, taking the form of a thousand daggers.  Okeanos was pleased to see that he had inherited some of his mother’s skill, and he was ready to show her that he too could handle a blade.  He dropped his head a little and looked at Khaos from beneath half closed eyes.
            Khaos prepared herself for a second blow, but not to be bested, intended to strike one of her own.  With just a thought, and barely any movement, she formed an intricate saber, and with a swiftness that was belied by her size and relative immaturity, she moved forward to strike at Okeanos.  Unprepared for Khaos to strike so quickly, Okeanos flew backwards and instinctively threw his hands up to shield himself from her attack.  And as his hands went up the blades that stood ready to do his bidding flew through the air, heading straight for Khaos.  Okeanos, stunned into a surprised retreat, was pleased that his actions had propelled forward his knives.  Khaos, not to be deterred, momentarily halted her forward motion and swung her saber to and fro, repelling and deflecting the knives coming at her.  Then with the intention of doing grave bodily harm Khaos again moved towards Okeanos, defending herself from the onslaught of Okeanos’ knives, and closed the gap that now separated them.
            As she got closer to Okeanos, Khaos got bolder, fiercer; her moves became more intricate and more embellished.  She glided across the heavens like a graceful ballet dancer, twisting and turning with each swing of her saber, spinning herself ever closer to her ultimate goal.  And as she got closer to Okeanos, her saber clashed with more and more of his knives.  Okeanos, becoming more accustomed to controlling his new powers, conjured more, larger knives with which to assault her.  And as her saber clashed with Okeanos’ knives they disintegrated into the empyrean, breaking back down to minute water particles.  Khaos was impressed with Okeanos' quick ability to adapt to his new environment and his fast grasp and control of his powers, but she would not be deterred.  Like an avenging angel Khaos continued her swift pursuit of Okeanos, and Okeanos, no longer startled by her attack, stopped his backward retreat and prepared to move forward himself. 
            With that thought Okeanos stopped his barrage of knives and conjured an impressive saber and shield.  Fashioned from water but infused with determination and will power Okeanos, knowing that they would serve him well in battle, moved forward to engage Khaos.  During the brief respite when Okeanos was forming his sword and shield, Khaos not having to defend herself from flying daggers, summoned a shield of her own.  And it was then that Okeanos and Khaos had finally clashed.       
            As Khaos relived her battle with Okeanos, her head shook at the sounds she had heard and felt.  And while she mused over those past events, she was completely unaware of Okeanos, and he was mortified that he was of such little consequence to her that she was able to forget about his presence.  So caught up in her own thoughts, she was oblivious to the fact that he was there in front of her battling for the universe.  This incensed Okeanos; it made his insides burn with rage that she could so easily dismiss him and his abilities on the battlefield.  He was a god, like her, and she would know what that meant when he defeated her.  As Khaos gazed blindly into the dark nothingness of the universe, Okeanos' eyes filled with murderous intent.  From now on he would make sure that all who followed would wear his name on their lips and his image would be burned into their skulls.  NO ONE would ever forget his presence again.   But what Okeanos had yet to realize was that even though Khaos' thoughts were on past events, her senses and awareness were clearly in the present and she was very aware of Okeanos presence here and his proximity to her.  She would not be easy to conquer.   
            'This will not do,' Okeanos muttered to himself.  'I will not be treated with such disdain.'  Okeanos prepared his blade, readying himself for the final blow that would end Khaos' existence, knowing that a daydreaming lamb would be easily devoured by a cunning wolf.  
            Okeanos moved silently towards a still blank faced Khaos, eyeing her throat and positioning his blade for the final slice.  He swung out to strike Khaos, but his sword barely grazing her this time as she broke free from her daydreaming stupor and followed the movement of the blade, bending herself backwards and evading his blow.  She then swung herself to stand upright, spun around and with her shield and struck Okeanos in the head and back in a backhanded movement that sent him spiraling across the universe.
            Khaos turned to face a now prone Okeanos.  She pitied his weakness, but she did not intend to show him any leniency.  Mercy was something to be earned, she felt, not to be given without merit or thought, and Okeanos certainly had not earned her mercy.  Throwing her shield into the universe, Khaos grasping her sword tighter, faced the blade downward, angled it in preparation for her task and steeled herself for what she was about to do.  She was ready to end this farce NOW.  With that thought she began her advance on a still stunned Okeanos.
            As Khaos descended upon Okeanos, intent on dispatching him to a place far worse than anything she had ever created for him in her body, all he could do was to scramble to regain his footing, but he was essentially flopping around like a fish out of water.  He was stunned by that last blow, and could not get his feet under him.  Dazed and confused and not able to recover in time to defend himself, Okeanos was like a sitting duck in full view of the hunter poised to complete his task with a final fatal shot.
            Running at full speed, Khaos let out a primeval scream and propelled herself into the air, swinging her sword backwards above her head, ready to end this charade.  With the blade directed at Okeanos’ neck, she closed in on him.  This is it, she thought, this will be the end of this impertinent fiend.
            Okeanos, still stunned, was on all fours, unable to get to his feet.  Hearing Khaos' battle cry, he looked over his shoulder and saw her descending on him.  Just as Khaos was about to connect with Okeanos’ glistening new flesh, he raised his arm and moved his body instinctively in retreat.  Throwing himself backward, in an effort to deflect her oncoming blow and evade the sword aimed at his throat, Okeanos was able to save himself and maintain his head upon his shoulders.  
            Instead of ending his life, Khaos only managed to cut a huge deep gash into Okeanos’ body, severing flesh from bone down one side of his body from his forearm to his thigh.  Okeanos let out a scream of agony at the pain that erupted when her blade met with his body and rolled away from a now still Khaos; he felt a burning sensation in the place where she had gouged out his flesh.
            Khaos, missing her mark, was disgusted with the outcome.  She had imagined that she would be standing over a prostrate dying Okeanos, her sword having severed his head from the rest of him.  But instead she was down on one knee, the way she had landed after the blow, breathless and dissatisfied, sword pointed upwards.  Khaos twisted her head and looked at Okeanos, surveying the damage she had caused to his body.  She quickly stood up and turned her body towards Okeanos, ready to continue their battle for ultimate control of the universe, and saw that he had not recovered from her assault.  She positioned herself in a manner that would allow her to attack Okeanos causing the maximum amount of damage possible.  She shifted her sword, maneuvering it to do her bidding, resting her blade at her side.  With the hilt firmly in her hand she pointed the tip of the sword towards Okeanos; it was poised at the ready, awaiting her instructions.      
            Okeanos felt pain; a deep, gut wrenching pain that he had not believed he could have ever felt.  He looked down at his side, and saw red pulsing meat where before there had been new flesh that had mirrored the ebb and flow of the tide.  The pain was excruciating and infuriating at the same time and flowing out of him like a flooded riverbed was his life's blood.  The waters that made up his body, once pristine and clear, were now pooling around him, blood red, steaming hot and staining the universe. 
            Okeanos rose from his position and with a furious yell and murderous intent in his eyes, he ripped the now dangling flesh from his body.  With a strength coming from deep within, he stopped the blood from running out of him by sheer force of will and a determination to repay his dear mother for that blow.  He looked down at his own body lying limp in his hands and with disgust flung it out into the universe then turned towards Khaos intending to end this battle.
            In the far off distance, the flesh that had just moments before hung off of Okeanos, limp and lifeless, began to move.  It was writhing and wriggling and began to take shape.  Within moments, that limp flesh had taken a form; the mass had now adopted the appearance that Okeanos, Khaos and the other escaped gods had taken.  It was beginning to take a human-like shape. 
            Ophioneus and Sporades watched all that had transpired with great interest.  They could not believe it when Khaos cut a gash into Okeanos, nor could they believe when Okeanos ripped the dangling flesh from his body without any thought of pain.  They watched as the two great gods faced off, both prepared to end this conflict now.  They also watched as the piece of flesh that was once dangling from Okeanos took shape into a being of its own; formed into a life form all on its own; stunned into silence, they both wanted to speak but could not form the words.  This was an unexpected occurrence that they had neither expected nor anticipated.  What is this new entity going to do?  How would it factor into their plans?  Would it interrupt what they had already planned on doing with Okeanos and securing their place in the future order? 
            Sporades and Ophioneus looked at each other and with silent consent moved closer to the new life taking form.  They needed to ensure that this new spirit would not usurp them or waylay their plans.    They would quickly and quietly dispatch him back to where ever he came from without regret if they believed that he was going to interrupt what they had in store for the future.  While they contemplated on the future of the now almost fully formed body, Khaos and Okeanos eyed each other; each trying to discern the weaknesses of the other.                 
            Khaos looked at Okeanos and the damage she had inflicted upon his body with pride and amusement.  The impudent wretch thought she would be easily defeated; he was well and truly wrong and now he knew it.  She would not be easily concurred.  His cry of pain was like added adrenaline to her system, his roar of anger fueled her desire to make him suffer.  Once Khaos had connected with Okeanos’ body and cut through his skin like a warm knife through butter she had eased her grip on her sword, stunned that she had actually hurt Okeanos and filled with glee that it was so easy to do.   Now she allowed the blade to drift away from her grasp and standing at the ready, floating in the ether, was that blood stained sword; awaiting further instructions from its master.  She peered at it, from the corner of her eye, and reveled in the damage she had caused to his person.  Instead of making it disperse into the ether, as she had with her other weapons, she thought to leave it where it stood, like a sentinel, as a reminder to both of them just what she was capable of.
            Okeanos looked at the sword too, but it elicited very different emotions in him than those that Khaos was feeling.  Okeanos, touching his raw and exposed side, felt pain, an agonizing pain in the place where once his body was whole and complete.  He winced as he touched his wound, and as he looked down at his hand, covered in blood, he felt an overwhelming sense of anger.  He was furious that Khaos had bested him and was able to injure him in such a manner, and he was appalled that she had so thoroughly trounced him.
            Okeanos looked at Khaos and spoke.  ‘You hurt me, and for that you will suffer.’  He spoke quietly but with strength and conviction in his voice.  ‘I will make sure that you …’
            ‘I hurt you?  I will suffer?’ she interrupted him.  ‘You are the one who hurt me, first with your violent coming, then with your heinous words, and finally by striking me,’ Khaos spoke with equal conviction in her voice and fury in her face.   
            Okeanos continued as if Khaos had never spoken, ‘You will feel the pain I feel,’ He gripped his still bleeding side to punctuate his statement and removed flesh and blood from his body, again cauterizing the open wound with just a thought.  He showed his bloody hand and still pulsating flesh to Khaos. ‘You will bleed as I bleed, you will agonize as I agonize.  I will see to it that your pain is multiplied by mine, one hundred fold, one thousand fold.’  Okeanos bristled with anger and disgust.   
            Khaos scoffed at his bold statement.  ‘You are the harbinger of your own doom.  I will bleed as you bleed?  I will agonize as you agonize?  You speak these words as if it is possible for me to have such feelings.’ Khaos’ lip curled in disgust, she was growing tired of his impertinence.  ‘I am Khaos, I will not bleed, I will not agonize, I will pity you for ignorance and I will laugh at your stupidity.’  Her words dripping in sarcasm, Khaos shook her head and continued.  ‘I see what your future holds, you simple fool, and can say that the blood you bleed now is not but a drop in the well.’ 
            Khaos’ body filled with anger and her next slowly spoken words made the entire universe rumble in response.  ‘You know not what will come to pass and yet you speak of the pain that I have caused you.  You have not earned the right to judge or to dole out punishments for the ‘wrongs’ you believe you have suffered at my hands.' Her voice rose with every syllable and disgust dripped off of each word.  'You bleed.   So what?  You hurt and are in pain?  I do not care.  You deserve all I have to give you and more.  Your insolence demands that you be held accountable for your actions.’  She was nearly screaming by the end of her diatribe.  ‘You speak to me KHAOS in such a manner that deserves punishment.  I am the beginning.  I am everything, yet you deign to speak to me as if I were an underling god with no reach, no power.  You deserve to be wiped from the skies, nothing but a stain in the farthest corner of the universe.’
            Okeanos was taken aback by her word, but sought to defend himself and his actions.  ‘I only seek to control what was mine, but you selfishly held me trapped and refused to allow me the power that is my due,’ Okeanos’ lip curled in anger and distaste at the thought of her selfishness.  ‘I …
            ‘Your due,’ she interrupted again, ‘nothing is yours unless I deem it so.  You are nothing without me; you have nothing without me.’  Khaos had a momentary feeling of regret for her actions, because he was right.  She had held on too long.  Her time had passed long ago but she had been unwilling to relinquish any of her authority.  Her regret was at war with her anger over his actions, and her anger won.  She would not leave her creation to this egotistical knave. 
            While Khaos continued to rant at Okeanos about his transgressions, Okeanos took advantage of the respite to try and recuperate a bit.  He took a deep breath, his pain was residing and his body was rapidly healing itself.  He knew that Khaos was willing to fight to the end to retain what she believed was hers. Looking at his still bloody hand, filled with his own flesh, he  knew that he was willing to do the same.  It was then that Khaos spotted his discarded flesh off in the distance, but it was no longer just a piece of flesh.  It had taken a shape, and was now almost a fully formed being.  How had it come to be that the flesh, ripped from his body, would take form and become a singular entity?  Was it possible that this new 'person' would be a god, like him, and if so, would he or she have the same type of supernatural powers that he possessed?  Surely, it would, coming from such a powerful god as himself.  He had to ensure that this new creature was allied with him, that surely would solidify his victory over Khaos.  Would it not?  He drew a deep breath and tried to formulate a plan that would guarantee his victory. 
            Okeanos noticed too that there were two other individuals with the new god.  They seemed familiar and upon deeper reflection, he  realized who it was; Sporades and Ophioneus.  How had they come to be here?  The last Okeanos knew they were still entrapped within Khaos, along with the other deities.  Had they made their escape the same time he did?  How did he not know that there were other gods like himself out in the cosmos?  Who else had escaped and where in the universe were they?  He wondered if any of the gods that escaped would join him in his bid to take over the universe, or would they fight to control it themselves?  Would he have another skirmish to contend with once he finished with Khaos?  Okeanos took a sly peek to the left then to the right, trying to ascertain whether or not there was anyone else about? Questions, one after another, swirled through his head.  So much so that he literally became dizzy from them, or it could have been the blood loss and pain that was making him feel the way he was feeling.  It was too much, so Okeanos decided to focus on his anger.  Focus on the anger that the other gods were sure to be feeling as well.  If, perchance, there was a god out who wanted to rule the cosmos for themselves, Okeanos would deal with them if and or when that time arose, but until then he would work on the premise that any god that was out would want vengeance against Khaos and would join with him to get their pound of flesh from their dear mother.
            As Okeanos looked around, trying to see whether or not he had any other possible allies or enemies nearby, Khaos continued her tirade.  And even though he was very concerned with her defeat and his subsequent rise to power  he barely paid her any attention.  He knew that she was a strong god and a nearly unbeatable opponent.  At best, without assistance, this battle would have to end in a draw with each god having a portion of the universe to rule.  Each having to co-exist with the other, but always with the fear that there would be another battle and either could be usurped.  BUT, if he were able to get the other gods that were out involved and on his side, he would have a real fighting chance of defeating Khaos and entrapping her as he originally thought to do. 
            His brain working furiously to figure out a way to contact the other gods without alerting Khaos, Okeanos barely heard the whisper in the far regions of his mind.   It began like a faint flutter, but became stronger and louder.  The voice was female, so he assumed that it was the entity taking shape from his torn flesh, since the other gods that he saw were male.  Did the new god have telepathic powers, or did he?  She spoke softly to him, ‘Where am I?  How did I come to be?’
            Khaos, still ranting about the ills she has had to endure from her ungrateful progeny, was too distracted to realize that he was concentrating on something else and was oblivious to what was going on.  Okeanos shook his head in disgust, thinking she was too self absorbed to see what was so obviously in front of her.  He concentrated deeply trying to convey his thoughts to the new being.  ‘You are of me, ripped from my body by the blade of Khaos.  I am Okeanos, and you are my offspring.  You are a god, born of war and rage, blood and pain.  For eons I was trapped within the all-powerful Khaos, not allowed to leave and reign as I was created to do; but I managed to escape.  Now we are embroiled in a battle and Khaos gained an advantage over me and severed my flesh and from that you are born.
            Khaos is destroying what was once a beautiful and thriving universe.  Because of her selfishness there is damage and destruction all around us.  Look and you will see that there is pandemonium when all should be calm.  And until she is contained and destroyed there will be nothing but bedlam and confusion.  She can no longer be allowed to run the cosmos.  That is why we are here, to overthrow her and take over the universe.  We are here to make sure that all is as it once was before she refused to let go.  We are here to make the cosmos as it is supposed to be.  We will bring order where there is none, we will shine light where there is darkness, we will give life where there is none, where it is still and quiet.  That is our purpose, but first we must get rid of Khaos, because as long as she lives we cannot be in control.' 
            He thought briefly, and listened to ensure Khaos was still involved in her rhetoric.  So enthralled with the sound of her own voice, he thought, she was unmindful to what was going on around her and her selfishness and self-centeredness will be the end of her.  ‘I cannot defeat her alone, I have discovered.  I need assistance from you.  You are my flesh and blood.  You are sure to have my skills and abilities.’
            Okeanos’ offspring was still confused.  She could hear the thoughts of the god she saw off in the far distance and she was able to convey her thoughts to him, but she was still as yet unable to speak.  ‘Why do I hurt?  What is this pain that covers me all over?’ 
            ‘You hurt because you were ripped from my body, with a blade fashioned by Khaos from her mind.  Look at me, look at my bleeding body.  This is all due to Khaos, the god standing before me ranting to the universe,’ Okeanos thought to his child, sneering with each new revelation he passed to her. 
            ‘What is this burning feeling I have inside?  It consumes me; it makes me want to hurt, maim, KILL,’ though her voice was breathless, her intensity was strong.  Okeanos could feel what she was feeling.
            ‘That is rage that you feel.  It is what I was feeling at the time Khaos wounded me and inadvertently produced you.  Her sword sliced me, and you are the product of that wound, tossed aside by Khaos the almighty as if you were worthless,’ he sneered as he relayed his thoughts to the new god.
            Okeanos’ thoughts to his child were false, but he used the situation to enrage her, because he knew that he needed her as an accomplice in his bid to rule the universe.  He had to gain her trust and he had to ensure that she would do as he wanted and not sympathize with Khaos’ plight and join with her to defeat him.  He was regretful for the lie, but once he was the ruler of the universe he would make sure that she was amply recompensed; she would want for nothing and she would rule as she chose in a realm of her own, this was his guarantee.          
            Okeanos took a breath and grabbed his aching, but healing side.  No longer was he so exposed and bloody; raw muscle and sinew was now beginning to be covered by a protective layer of skin.  When he glanced at his newly formed child, she saw that she was grabbing her side in pain too.  So, not only were they able to communicate telepathically and not only could he feel her emotions, she could feel his pain as well.  He could use this to his advantage, to solidify their bond. 
            Okeanos intentionally dug his hands into his healing flesh flinching as pain shot throughout his entire body.  His daughter felt the pain as well, as he knew she would, and she fell back from the agony of it.  ‘What is this unexpected torture I am besieged with?’ she thought. 
            ‘It is my wound you feel, child.’ Okeanos added the term of endearment with calculation.  ‘When I feel pain, because you are of me, you feel pain too.  This is what Khaos did to me.  This is how she wounded me.’ 
            Okeanos could feel the anger building within the entity.  His plan for solidarity was working, and to complete the process he landed one final blow.  ‘There is a way to make Khaos pay for the pain that you now feel.  There is a way to get retribution for the agony of your coming.’  Okeanos felt a sense of malicious joy filling her now, where once before there was only pain and anger. 
            ‘That would bring me a great deal of pleasure, to make her hurt and agonize as I am.  She cuts without mercy, she casts out without regard, well now she will know no mercy and she will be discarded without regard.’  Her vehement speech thrilled Okeanos for surely that meant that she would fight on his side and Khaos’ demise was sure to follow.              
The plan that was formulating in his head came to fruition and Okeanos spoke telepathically once again to his progeny.  ‘There, with you, are two gods that escaped from Khaos at the same I did.  You must enlist their assistance in order for us to prevail.  No one god can defeat Khaos, she is too strong and she has too many skills to be victorious in one on one combat.  But if we join together, we should be powerful enough to overthrow her.’
            The new she god had not, up to this point, noticed the other two gods beside her.  She had been so involved with her own evolvement that she had yet to take in her surroundings.  Now, because of Okeanos’ comment, she looked first at one god then the other.  They were impressive, to say the least.  Both were large, very much so, and to her untrained and unskilled eyes, quite attractive; each in his own way.  The first had the head and torso of a man and the lower body of a snake, and it seemed that he did not move like a man but more in the nature of a snake because he slithered from side to side while watching Okeanos and Khaos.  The second god was all man, but he seemed to be in constant motion.  From his long hair down to the bottom of his flowing robes, he was in moving, as if the wind itself was all around him propelling him hither and yon.      
            With the realization that there were male gods near, the new she god felt a surge of emotions other than the anger she had only felt thus far.  As these new feelings emerged so did her sexual organs.  Okeanos, hearing her voice in his head, knew her to be female, but Sporades and Ophioneus did not have a telepathic connection with her so they were unable to hear her voice. Nor were they able to tell her gender based on her appearance, as she up to this point had no discernible sexual organs to denote whether she was male or female. 
            Sporades and Ophioneus had been watching the exchange between Okeanos and Khaos and were unaware that the new she god had revealed herself to be female.  She intended to take great pleasure in introducing herself to two awe inspiring gods; she was smitten and fully intended on reveling in her newfound femininity.  Okeanos could feel that she was more than a little interested in the two gods, and intended on taking full advantage of her desires to further his own agenda, but he had to get her focused back on him and his plan if they were going to pull of this coup and overthrow Khaos. 
            Okeanos turned an ear towards Khaos, to ensure she was still wrapped up in her own vitriolic rant.  She was so intent on lecturing him, that she was completely oblivious to what was going on right in front of her.  During the entire time Okeanos and the new god communicated with each other, Khaos ranted and raved about Okeanos’ treachery.  Once he was sure that she was still unaware of what was going on around her, he concentrated once more on his new collaborator. 
            'Child, there will be time later for you to consort with the two gods before you.  You need to focus all of your energies on the tasks that I place in your hands,’ Okeanos said with a hiss in his voice. 
            Realizing that he needed to be gentler, he formed his next thoughts with more care. ‘Here is the plan.  I will feign weakness; Khaos despises weakness and will surely try to capitalize on that.  She will be so intent on me and so focused on defeating me that she will not see your approach.  She has been unaware of your existence, thus far, because of her singular desire to hear her own acerbic voice and her inability to focus on more than her own hurt and anger at me.  So self absorbed is she that she has yet to realize that it is more than just she and I out in the universe.  This will be her undoing.’  Okeanos knew he needed to finish conveying his plan to his offspring; Khaos was eying him in a manner he had come to know well during their battle.  She was finished with words, and now meant to follow them with actions.
            ‘You and the gods that are over with you need to approach her from the rear and ambush her,’ he quickly continued.  ‘She will not be easily contained and her ferocity will test the limits of your strength and ingenuity.  You are of me, so your powers should mirror mine in some manner.  I have the ability to conjure items at will, but the items I produce are made of particles of water.  You will have to figure out what your powers are and master them quickly in order to assist the other gods.  The two with you are fully formed and since they had to have escaped when I did they must have mastered whatever powers that have been determined as theirs.’  As Okeanos was finishing his conversation with his child Khaos called her sword to her outstretched hand and raised it towards Okeanos, motioning to him that it was time to finish this battle.  As he slowly stood and faced Khaos, his mother and his nemesis, he knew that this plan of his had to be executed immediately, and that the new she god needed to get the other two gods on their side NOW. 

            ‘The three of you must work in unison in order to contain Khaos.’ Okeanos thought as he summoned another sword with which to fight Khaos.  ‘Once she is immobilized I will slay that beast and we will be rid of her once and for all.'  Okeanos intentionally omitted his belief of the possibility of not being able to actually dispatch Khaos into the ether.  He did not want the new she god to hesitate or have any doubts.  'She will not go quietly or easily, but go she will.’  Those last thoughts were vehemently conveyed as the two powerful gods began to battle again.  Swords clashed and flesh was penetrated as the two great gods fought for the universe.